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28 reviews | 661 orders

Very good prices for the amount that they gived. The food isn't the best Italian food ever, but it's more than fine.


9 reviews | 187 orders

It did take a long time but the food was pretty good. They put the fries and hot wings in the same container. The pizza wasn't anything special but it is satisfying. The cookies are extra crunchy. I will order from them again.


5 reviews | 346 orders

Delicious!!! I grew up on this pizza and moved from my old neighborhood so how excited was I when I found that they were delivering? I was a little hesitant since as we all know many good things change with time but not this good thing!!! The crust is a perfect texture and melts in your mouth, the sauce is robust and has the right hint or seasoning, you can actually taste the oregano and other spices- not that watered down sauce other places serve. This is authentic Italian food. Their chicken parm is great, their pasta dishes are satisfying; everything is delish!!!

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1845 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11226
(718) 703-2323